Learn Linux: Environmental Variables Cheatsheet

Want to learn more about Environmental Variables? Check out our guide on How to set environmental variables and what are they To see your environmental variables, type the following command: env To see the value of an individual variable, use echo: echo $VARIABLE_NAME To create a new environmental variable for the current session: export VARIABLE_NAME=Value [...]

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Learn Linux: proftpd Cheatsheet

This is a cheatsheet of Linux commands for installing proftpd. If you need a more detailed guide, check out: Installing and Configuring ftp with proftpd Install proftpd: apt-get install proftpd Get proftpd version: proftpd -v Stop proftpd from running: service proftpd stop Start proftpd: service proftpd start Restart proftpd: service proftpd restart Proftpd configuration file: [...]

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Linux Command Cheatsheet: User Management

Add a user to your system: adduser <username> Add a user to your system with a specific home directory adduser --home <directory> <username> Add a user to your system with a specific group: adduser -g <groupname> <username> Change a user's password passwd <username> Change a user's home directory usermod -h <directory> <username> Add a group [...]

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