Pro School – PHP School Management System

Pro School - PHP School Management System is a PHP script created using the robus CodeIgniter framework. It allows you to manage your school in your web browser, including adding students, classes, attendance, assignments, library books and so much more. You can manage finances of the school, including sending payable invoices to your students that [...]

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Status Checker – PHP Site Server Status

Status Checker is a PHP Script that allows you to post status updates about your websites. You can use it to ping your site for response codes and display the live active status to your users. This tool is great if you need to keep your users informed about the availability of your site. The [...]

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Support Centre – PHP Ticket System

Support Centre is a PHP Ticket System built using the CodeIgniter Framework. It allows you to setup your own ticket helpdesk for your users, add useful and helpful knowledge base articles and even the option to implement payment plans. The Support Centre has a long history of being updated and improved upon. Our latest version [...]

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TITAN – Project Management System

  TITAN - Project Management System is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to manage your projects, tasks, events and so much more. We have provided many excellent features that help make your life easier, your client's life easier and your business more efficient. The application is a great way keep organised, very [...]

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Recipe Builder

Recipe Builder is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to build and organise recipes. It comes with a plethora of features that make managing the system super easy. Users can register accounts and create their own recipes or you can use the application to manage your own and share them with your friends. [...]

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