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Blocks is a way to organise your week and make sure you keep on top of your ever expanding life. This productivity app is designed for freelancers, programmers, professionals and anyone who would like to keep their work weeks a little bit more organised.

Blocks is the first product I have produced outside of Envato and my first SaaS product. This product has been in development for the last 3-4 months and I'm really happy to finally launch it. I debated for a long time whether to either sell it as a single product on Envato or go the other route and create a service for other users. In the end I chose the latter because I feel this is a product that will help people who don't have the knowledge to setup their own server and launch an app. Instead, this product can now be used with a few simple clicks and signing up to the service.

This is also the first version of Blocks that I've released to the public. I've had a few internal testers who've given me some great feedback to improve the service. Over the coming months I hope to produce more updates and make it one of the best productivity apps available. I've been using it in my day-to-day life and it's starting to become an app I rely on to get my work week on track.

If you're interested in giving Blocks a try, everyone who signs up gets a free 7 day trial without having to enter any Paypal/Credit Card details. Even if you don't plan on needing to use an app like this, I'd love for more testers to try and break it; so feel free to sign up and report any bugs to me.

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Blocks - Keep Organised


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