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Best Cameras For YouTube

Having the best camera for your YouTube setup is almost a must in this day and age if you want to appear professional and serious about your YouTube Channel. Cameras have a massive range in terms of pricing and features they offer, so choosing the right one for you is important, especially if you are on a budget or just want to be able to have quality YouTube footage. The good news is that the YouTubers who are making it big often release their setups, so we can have a good idea of the kind of quality cameras they are using and what you can expect to get from them. This guide will take a look at some of the most common and best cameras that YouTubers are using today. Let's dive in!

Best YouTube Cameras

YouTubers have come along way since the site first launched in 2005. When the site launched, everyone was uploading poor quality videos in resolutions as low as 280p, often with stuttering, no lighting and low FPS quality footage. As the site became more and more popular, the level of quality was raised and now the standard has been set really high. Coupled with the fact that professional photography equipment is now very accessible to everyone, YouTubers produce some of the most high-quality content on the internet, even better than what is sometimes seen on your T.V screens.

One of the first pieces of equipment YouTubers will set to seek out is a camera. Depending on what you're using it for, having a camera is probably a must if you're uploading your own videos (and not doing gameplay commentary). But if you are streaming or tutorials, oftentimes you'll need a camera for inserting a facecam to connect with your audience. It's been shown that having a face behind the video often boosts audience interaction with the YouTuber and such, anyone who is serious about YouTube will usually have a facecam added.

If you're on the other side of YouTube and need a camera for shooting your own footage, then the type of camera will differ quite drastically. Professional cameras for your own footage will be able to provide the highest quality footage, whereas for a facecam you usually only need a cheap standard camera that can capture HD footage (not to mention facecams usually only take oup 10-20% of screen real-estate so they don't need to show that much quality). When you're getting your own footage though, that's when you'll need to invest in the proper equipment to make sure your footage is of the standard that's going to make your channel stand out.

Some things you need to consider when getting a camera:

  • What is your budget? You don't want to invest thousands into a camera when you're just starting out because if it all goes wrong (as 99% of most YouTube channels do) you'll just be stuck with an expensive camera.
  • What are you requirements? Do you need 4K footage? Do you need a camera that has good lighting adjustments? The more you invest in a camera, the better the quality of footage you'll normally be able to capture.
  • Portability - Do you need to be able to take your camera with you on your travels? Then you don't want to buy something that weighs like a truck.
  • Adjustability - Do you need your camera for different types of footage? Drone footage? Underwater footage? Different zoom optics?

New YouTubers Camera Advice

So you're just starting out into the crazy world of YouTube and you need a camera to get started. First, you need to realise that even if you purchase the best camera available that is no guarantee for success. It means your video quality will be top notch, but it doesn't translate to views. Your content creation skills is what will do this, but of course, if you shoot with something that produces grainy and low resolution footage, you're going to turn off any potential viewers by bad quality. You need to find a good balance that suits you.

Starting out on YouTube, you likely have a small or no following at all. That means it will take time and dedication to build up your YouTube channel before you can start to see any return on your efforts. If you're making videos for fun, then it doesn't matter too much, but if you're trying to hopefully earn some money from YouTube one day, you need to see buying a camera as an investment. Earning money from YouTube videos is hard and it takes a while until you start pulling in thousands of views per video.

I recommend buying a camera in the mid-range for starting out if you're serious about becoming a YouTuber. You don't want to waste money on something that produces low-quality footage because more than likely you'll end up needing to upgrade in the future and low quality footage doesn't attract/keep viewers. Medium range cameras will at least allow you to compete with others and show your potential viewership that you're serious about the content you produce.

The best Cameras for YouTube

This section is broken into two types- Cameras for YouTube facecams (which are cheap and great for putting your face on your original videos if you're doing gameplay commentary or let's plays). The other section is for capturing YouTube footage which requires a powerful and professional camera equipment. Let's begin!

Facecam Cameras for YouTube

PANASONIC LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera

PANASONIC LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera

If you're looking for something with a bit more quality, try the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 camera. This professional piece of equipment can capture 4K footage in stunning detail. It has a 18.1 megapixel camera 60x zoom and many other features that professional photographers would use. It does require a stand to use for streaming, but the quality will be unrivalled to standard webcams. This camera can also be used for travelling and other activities if you're after high definition photos and video.


  • 4K
  • 18.1 megapixel camera
  • Professional Camera
  • Connect with USB/Wifi.
Logitech BRIO - Ultra HD Webcam 4K

Logitech BRIO - Ultra HD Webcam 4K

This camera shoots footage in spectacular 4K resolution and comes with a premium glass lense for capturing high-quality footage. It has HDR (high dynamic range) enabled, autofocus and a range of other options to make sure it delivers beautiful life-to-video quality. It has USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors and has three different field-of-view options whilst maintaining its high definition quality.

Its RightLight 3 technology helps with automatically adjusting of exposure and contrast to compensate for glare and backlighting.


  • 4K Resolution
  • 3 different Field Of View options
  • RightLight 3 technology for adjusting light exposure and glare.
Logitech C270 Desktop or Laptop Webcam

Logitech C270 Desktop or Laptop Webcam

This camera is perfect for starting your streaming relationship with your viewers. It captures up to 720p resolution video and comes with a built-in microphone that can block out background noise (can als o be disable if you have your own). This camera is priced incredibly low at under $20, which makes it perfect for new streamers. It comes with automatic light-correction for smooth high-quality recording.


  • 720p Resolution
  • Auto-light correction
  • Under $20.00
HD Webcam 1080p With Privacy Shutter, Pro Streaming Web Camera

HD Webcam 1080p With Privacy Shutter, Pro Streaming Web Camera

If all you need is a camera that captures HD footage then this one is for you. It comes with a privacy shutter so if you're paranoid about spying, this camera is perfect for you. It comes with dual mics for capturing audio and is great for live-streaming content on YouTube or Twitch.


  • 1080p Resolution
  • Privacy Shutter
  • Auto-focus and light correction

Best Cameras for YouTube Footage

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm STM Lens

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm STM Lens

The Canon EOS 70D is a professional camera that is perfect for capturing crystal-clear footage. It comes with a stunning 20.2 megapixel camera, a APS-C CMOS sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast focus in live view and video. The Canon EOS 70D can capture Full HD footage (1080p) and weighs a light 1.66 lbs, perfect for vlogging or capturing footage on your travels.


  • Full 1080p Resolution
  • 20.2 MP
  • Weight: 1.66lbs
  • Zoom: 3x
  • GPS Compatible
Sony RX100 VII Premium Compact Camera

Sony RX100 VII Premium Compact Camera

The Sony RX100 series has often produced quality cameras and the RX100 VII is no different. This camera can capture stunning 4K footage with it's 20.1 megapixel camera, has real-time based ai for tracking for stills and movies and also sports a microphone jack for allowing you to capture high-quality audio too. It has a powerful 8.3x zoom and comes with a 24-200mm zoom lens.


  • 4K UHD 2160p Resolution
  • 21 MP
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Zoom: 8.3x
Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera

Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera

This Sony camera is able to capture stunning 4K footage with its incredible Advanced 24.2MP BSI Full-frame Image Sensor. It can shoot up to 200minutes of continuous footage with its powerful battery life and up to 610 still shots. It is compatible with all Sony E-mount lenses, including ISO ranges 50 to 204,800.


  • 4K UHD 2160p Resolution
  • 24 MP
  • Weight: 1.44 lbs
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Probably one of the top cameras we have featured on here: The Canon EOS 5D Mark comes with all the bells and whistles which make it a professional camera. The camera can capture stunning 4K video footage with its powerful 30 Megapixel lens. It has built in wifi communication, full-frame photo sensor size and its ISO range is 100 32000 with 50 102400 expansion. It has a touch screen display and is definitely a camera considered for professionals as its price tag is an eye-watering $2700+.


  • 4K UHD 2160p Resolution
  • 30 MP
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs
  • Touch Screen

Suggestions For YouTube Cameras

Are you using a camera for capturing YouTube footage? Perhaps you have some samples you can show us? Post in the comments below if you have any suggestions for using cameras on YouTube.

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